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Asia air cargo still waiting for peak season bump 25 Nov 2015
Asia escapes equipment shortages, Singamas chief says 23 Mar 2015
Asia expansion pushes Dachser ocean volumes up 20 percent 12 May 2015
Asia Pacific to lead global growth in 2016, IHS economist says 13 Jan 2016
Asia port alert system expands after Tianjin explosions 17 Sep 2015
Asia-EU capacity cuts raise hopes of peak season rate rise, Drewry says 29 Jun 2015
Asia-Europe container spot rates jump 11 Dec 2015
Asia-Europe containerized rail traffic falls on Russia weakness 17 Nov 2015
Asia-Europe lines more reliable than trans-Pacific, study shows 10 Nov 2015
Asia-Europe rate decline slows to single digits 05 Feb 2016
Asia-Europe rate records its biggest ever weekly fall 07 Aug 2015
Asia-Europe rate turmoil spreads to north-south routes 17 Jun 2015
Asia-Europe rate war forces O3 Alliance to blink first 24 Jun 2015
Asia-Europe rates rise ahead of September GRIs 28 Aug 2015
Asia-Europe rates rocket on sailing cuts and GRIs 04 Jul 2015
Asia-Europe rates slide as lines reveal stiff January GRIs 18 Dec 2015
Asia-Europe rates strengthen ahead of July GRIs 26 Jun 2015
Asia-Europe spot plunge portends badly for Sept. 1 GRIs 21 Aug 2015
Asia-Europe spot rate rebound short-lived 06 Nov 2015
Asia-Europe spot rates more than double 31 Jul 2015
Asia-Europe spot rates resume slide after two weeks of gains 10 Jul 2015
Asia-Europe trade advised to adopt TSA- type system 25 Mar 2015
Asia-Europe, Med rates slide further ahead of second September GRI 18 Sep 2015
Asia-Europe, trans-Pacific spot rates fall below break-even point 04 Dec 2015
Asia-Med rates hit record lows after Golden Week shut down 09 Oct 2015
Asia-Med spot rates plumbing new lows 16 Oct 2015
Asia-Med trade struggles to cope with capacity, market changes 13 Apr 2015
Asian airlines keep cargo in growth mode 23 Jun 2015
Asian, Mideast ports maintain port productivity lead 09 Jun 2015
Asia’s air, ship lines struggle to cope with overcapacity 25 Jan 2016