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US Customs’ ACE woes ‘jeopardizing shipments’ 04 Apr 2016
US Customs unveils container 'fast lane' pilot program 11 Dec 2015
US Customs says ACE glitches over as it readies next phase 05 Apr 2016
US Customs gives guidance to shippers navigating Hanjin fallout 07 Sep 2016
US Customs expected to extend certain ACE deadlines 04 Feb 2016
US Customs delays full rollout of ACE with ‘staggered approach’ 08 Feb 2016
US Customs can't guarantee ACE won't have more 'stumbles' 08 Apr 2016
US Customs bill would streamline import, export processes 09 Dec 2015
US court reviews antitrust case against ro-ro carriers 29 Nov 2016
US court moves stranded Hanjin containers closer to release 09 Sep 2016
US court ELD decision sounds warning bell for shippers 01 Nov 2016
US contract truckload rates rise, intermodal prices fall 17 Dec 2015
US containerized trade outlook cautious on global uncertainty 02 Jan 2016
US containerized importers forecast to pull back slightly 10 May 2016
US containerized commodity exporters see hopeful signs 25 May 2016
US container imports forecast to make year-end surge 08 Nov 2016
US container exports grow but far from blossoming 24 May 2016
US Congress's watchdog: Share data to fight port congestion 23 Nov 2016
US Congress urged to seek container weight clarity to avoid port congestion 20 Apr 2016
US Congress turns eye toward SOLAS container weight rule 06 Apr 2016
US Congress shows little appetite for wading into SOLAS waters 14 Apr 2016
US Congress set to send more money to ports 15 Apr 2016
US Congress set to pass port bill, but funding shake-up still undecided 29 Sep 2016
US Congress set to give ports, freight projects more funding 16 Dec 2015
US Congress passes sweeping rail reform bill 10 Dec 2015
US Congress passes Customs bill streamling import duties 11 Feb 2016
US Congress on course to pass port bill 05 Dec 2016
US Congress looks for help in speeding NAFTA cargo trade 18 May 2016
US Congress looks at ways to fund port projects faster 02 Feb 2016
US Congress asks FMC if liners’ SOLAS approach is lawful 19 May 2016