New Chairman and Board Members appointed to the world’s largest Trade Association dedicated to Maritime Industrial Relations.

Jul 8, 2014
The International Maritime Employers’ Council held its Annual General Meeting in London on 
Thursday 3rd
 July, following a meeting of the Board of Directors on 2nd
During the meeting Members were asked to support the nominations of new Members of the Board 
of Directors, which included the appointment of Captain Rajesh Tandon, Operations Director of V 
Group Manpower Services and Managing Director of V. Ships India, as Chairman of IMEC to succeed 
Mr. Greg Triantafillou of Epsilon Hellas in Greece, who had completed his three year term in office, 
but will remain a Board member of IMEC. Mr. Simon Spacey of CMA/CGM was appointed as Vice 
Chairman and Mr. Andreas Andreou of Columbia Ship Management appointed as a Board Member. 
Speaking on his appointment as Chairman, Captain Tandon expressed his thanks to his predecessor: 
“Taking over the helm as Chairman of IMEC from Greg Triantafillou is a huge responsibility; Greg has 
during the course of his Chairmanship, guided IMEC strongly through some challenging times; 
including the implementation of the Maritime Labour Convention and the latest round of 
International Bargaining Forum pay negotiations, towards a very credible result. I look forward, and 
will endeavour to, continue the positive steps and growth of IMEC during my tenure as Chair to the 
benefit of all IMEC Members, both present and future.” 
The Members gathered at the General Meeting, and at an IMEC IBF workshop on the following day, 
had the opportunity of listening not only to the current position of IMEC in terms of organisational 
position, but also to participate in an interactive workshop on the implementation of the recently 
completed IBF Central Negotiations. 
During the meetings, it was also announced that IMEC Membership had increased to over 200 
member companies and organisations, with further applications for membership under 
IMEC’s Chief Executive Officer, Giles Heimann, stated “The growth in the membership of IMEC is 
very gratifying. We are seeing an influx of new members who wish to be part of not only the IBF 
process, but also of an organisation that specialises in key matters concerning the employment of crew on a worldwide scale. With a membership covering the Americas, Europe, Africa, the Middle 
East through India to Asia, with a diversity of different challenges facing each member, the 
advantages of working together in one common forum are clearly being reflected in our continued 
growth and level of involvement.” 
Notes to editors 
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About the International Maritime Employers’ Council Ltd (IMEC) 
The International Maritime Employers' Council (IMEC) is the only international employers’ organisation dedicated to 
maritime industrial relations. 
IMEC represents over 200 members located in 45 countries which operate over 10,500 vessels. 
Members are individual shipping companies, both owners and managers, large and small, operating all types of ships 
including dry bulk, container, cruise liners, livestock carriers, reefers and tankers. The ships they operate are registered in 
more than 40 different countries. 
IMEC co-ordinates the views of its members and represents them in negotiations over the wages and conditions of 
employment of seafarers serving on the ships they operate. 
IMEC was a founder member of the Joint Negotiating Group (JNG), a group of employer organisations which has agreed to 
work collectively in negotiations with ITF. The agreements the JNG reach with ITF covering wages and employment 
conditions, together with special administrative arrangements, are exclusive to members of IMEC and the other 
participating organisations in the JNG. 
In addition, IMEC negotiate the application of IBF agreements with ITF through the local unions in the Philippines, India, 
Poland, Greece, Russia and Germany. All these agreements are exclusive to IMEC members. 
As well as pay negotiations, IMEC keeps members advised on legal and general manpower issues affecting seafarers' 
employment, including developments at the International Labour Organization. 
With offices in London and Manila, IMEC runs one of the most outstanding cadet programmes in the Philippines and is 
dedicated to the long term supply of world class seafarers.