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Maritime is the movement of international trade generated by freight companies. Whether moving by container ship, heavy lift vessel or tanker, maritime accounts for some 90 percent of all global trade by volume. Container shipping handles the vast majority of consumer goods — from retail products and food to autos and auto parts. Heavy lift vessels handle big equipment for projects such as refineries, infrastructure and wind energy.

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CMA CGM Corte Real at the Port of Long Beach
14 Jul 2014
United Arab Shipping Co. and China Shipping Container Line are the “most obvious” partners for CMA CGM after the French ocean carrier was excluded from the recently unveiled 2M alliance between Maersk Line and Mediterranean Shipping Co., according to Drewry Maritime Research.


Maybe you’ve heard about China’s rejection of the P3 Network. In all seriousness, I’m hesitant to cover an issue such as this because of the overwhelming analysis and observation that has come before me. But I have strong feelings about why China refused to allow it and a lot of questions about the real outcome.

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