Maritime News

“We should expect a general development wherein networks will gradually migrate toward designs with fewer but larger hubs.”

The April 1 rate increases will coincide with the launch of the new alliances and the closing out of BCO contracting season.

Trailer Bridge is developing a new niche with 53-foot containers on a twice-weekly service to Santo Domingo

Steady slide in eastbound Pacific spot rates should be coming to an end.

Hapag-Lloyd said it’s facing a challenging start to 2017.

Arkon Shipping manages a fleet of more than 120 seagoing vessels.

The Asia-Europe spot market was flat this week, and although Europe-China prices have fallen in the past two weeks, the eastbound rate remains well above the levels reached last year.

The Department of Justice declined to say why CEOs of major carriers were served subpoenas March 15 at the biannual Box Club meeting in San Francisco.

While profit fell by nearly a third, revenue increased 24 percent.

Freight volumes have surged 23 percent in the first two months of 2017.