Maritime News

HSH Nordbank booked a loss provision of 2 billion euros for loans to its struggling shipping clients.

In just two days, shippers will be dealing with a totally changed container shipping landscape as the global carriers roll out their new alliances.

Singamas has reported a full orderbook for the first quarter as carriers and container lessors try to avoid any shortages in boxes.

Fostering cooperation among supply-chain sectors is the main challenge LA-LB faces in handling the new alliances.

How can the shipping industry reach a model where everyone can succeed?

The report of deep losses comes as the Taiwanese government pressures the carrier to reform or face a considerable shakeup.

The new rules underscore a recent trend of greater government scrutiny of the pricing practices of the world’s leading ocean carriers.

Although the 2M Alliance will launch April 1, the HMM agreement will go into effect as soon as March 30.

Supply and demand are moving in the right direction for MPV operators.

Ships calling Yokohama can stack various incentive schemes to get discounts of up to 100 percent on port dues.