Trade Lanes

Trade Lanes

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Rates in the trans-Pacific eastbound trade from Asia to North America are starting to resemble the paltry Asia-Europe and trans-Pacific westbound numbers. Within a couple weeks, we may have three-digit numbers for spot rates for 40-foot containers moving from China-based ports to Los Angeles and Long Beach. I can’t recall seeing rates this low in my 42 years in the business.

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04 Aug 2015
Egypt should deliver on a commitment to dredge a new Mediterranean access channel to the Suez Canal as soon as possible or it risks derailing the goals of its ambitious Suez-centered development plans.
04 Aug 2015
At a time when east-west container shipping trades are being pummeled by what Drewry Maritime Research calls a toxic mix of overcapacity, weak demand and aggressive pricing, the trans-Atlantic is standing out as a lone, and surprising, stalwart.
26 Jul 2015
Intra-Asia container shipping is swelling as manufacturing shifts from China to lower-cost countries, and may represent 25 percent of global container trade. In a global context, however, the trade is a 'blind spot' where accurate data and forecasts are hard to come by.
15 Jul 2015
The Panama Canal has recaptured the majority of traffic on the all-water shipping route between the Far East and the U.S. East Coast that it ceded to the Suez Canal in late 2014, according to Alphaliner.
14 Jul 2015
Manufacturing changes in the next 15 years will keep intra-Asia as the world’s largest ocean container trade, representing 35 percent of global volumes, according to a study by the Shanghai International Shipping Institute.
10 Jul 2015
The U.S.-Oceania ocean container trade is providing a textbook example of the ramifications a strong currency has on trade flow. U.S. imports from Oceania increased 11 percent year-over-year in the first six months of 2015, while exports dropped 11 percent.
10 Jul 2015
U.S.-Asia containerized ocean trade increased 2.1 percent to nearly 20.5 million 20-foot-equivalent units in the 12 months ending March 31 compared to the same period a year earlier, according to data from PIERS, a sister product of within IHS Maritime & Trade.
Suez Canal ship convoy
06 Jul 2015
Container lines won’t reduce the amount of cargo moving through the Suez Canal despite heightened security tensions — most recently inflamed by the reported arrest of 13 people on suspicion of planning to sabotage the waterway integral to trade between Asia and the Europe, and increasingly the U.S.
06 Jul 2015
Puerto Rico’s fiscal crisis has rekindled criticism of the Jones Act, the cabotage law requiring the use of U.S.-flag vessels for shipments between the commonwealth and the U.S. mainland.
01 Jul 2015
Crowley is continuing its investments in the U.S.-Caribbean-Latin American services by buying more than 4,300 pieces of equipment that will be used on its services connecting the Caribbean, South America and the U.S.