21 Oct 2016
US importers are riding an increase in rolled cargo, as trans-Pacific eastbound spot rates hold at levels at twice that of some contracted prices.
15 Jul 2016
Spot rates in the eastbound trans-Pacific got a nice pop this week.
13 Jul 2016
Laden containerized imports in Long Beach increased in June as the second-largest U.S. port transitions to the summer-fall peak-shipping season.
HMM's new ships will replace vessels with 4,600 TEUs as container lines continue to upsize the ships they send through the Panama Canal.
11 Jul 2016
Hyundai Merchant Marine plans to deploy six ships with capacities of 10,000 twenty-foot-equivalent units on an existing Asia-U.S. East Coast service via the enlarged Panama Canal.
Container lines in desperate financial straits are upgrading trans-Pacific ship sizes not to boost capacity, but to lower costs.
08 Jul 2016
With container lines desperate to make rate increases stick, shippers should not expect a glut of capacity on the trans-Pacific.
08 Jul 2016
Spot rates in the eastbound trans-Pacific this week retreated modestly from the previous week.
05 Jul 2016
Containerized imports through U.S West Coast ports dipped slightly in May.
01 Jul 2016
Spot rates in the eastbound trans-Pacific this week took their biggest jump in months.
25 Jun 2016
The larger locks of the Panama Canal open on Sunday, but what impact will they have on global trade and container shipping?
22 Jun 2016
Industry executives are urging exporters to honor the bookings they make.
21 Jun 2016
Container lines are postponing peak-season surcharges on the trans-Pacific.
20 Jun 2016
Container lines are facing “peak season blues,” according to shippers surveyed by Drewry Maritime Research.