24 Apr 2017
Spot rates in eastbound Pacific basically flat last week.
17 Feb 2017
Spot rates in eastbound Pacific dropping during post-Chinese New Year lull, but not as steeply as last year.
13 Feb 2017
Spot rates in eastbound Pacific drop marginally in the second week of the Lunar New Year.
13 Feb 2017
The days when the largest, so-called premier carriers booked directly with beneficial cargo owners are over.
08 Feb 2017
There remain parallel, divergent narratives as to how strong the market truly is headed into the 2017 TPM conference later this month.
06 Feb 2017
The deal takes effect April 1 along with the reordering of global shipping alliances.
03 Feb 2017
With exports to the US dropping significantly, freight rates would have normally dropped sharply.
01 Feb 2017
The deep capacity cuts forecast by Seaintel come as spot rates on the trans-Pacific and Asia-Europe trade lanes are at least 50 percent higher than last year.
28 Jan 2017
Trans-Pacific service contract negotiations are complicated by a barrage of mixed signals.
27 Jan 2017
Carriers in the eastbound Pacific maintained the strong freight rates that have marked the pre-Chinese New Year period.
25 Jan 2017
Carriers operating on the trans-Pacific earned significantly less per FEU on the spot market in 2016 than they did the year before.
25 Jan 2017
It will be a busy marketplace on the trans-Pacific from April as smaller carriers and the mega alliances all compete for a share of the growing US import container trade.