The SCFI for the Mediterranean fell 6.4 percent in the week ending April 18.
18 Apr 2014
Spot container freight rates measured by the Shanghai Containerized Freight Index were mixed again this week...
Drewry Container Rate Benchmark, March 19, 2014. Source: Drewry
19 Mar 2014
The Drewry benchmark rate for shipping from Hong Kong to Los Angeles climbed $100 from last week to $1,986 per 40-foot container in the week of March 19...
Shanghai Containerized Freight Index, U.S. West Coast, week ending Mar. 14, 2014.. Source: Shanghai Shipping Exchange
14 Mar 2014
Spot container freight rates from Shanghai to U.S. ports saw some implementation of the upcoming general rate increase in the week of March 14. Both East and West Coast lanes saw increases of more than $100 per FEU. Member carriers in the Transpacific Stabilization Agreement planneda $300 per FEU increase to take effect on March 15 on the Asia-US trade lanes.
12 Mar 2014
Rising labor costs and a shortage of workers in coastal China are two of the most serious problems footwear producers in that country face...
Drewry Container Rate Benchmark, Mar. 12, 2014. Source: Drewry
12 Mar 2014
The Drewry benchmark rate for shipping from Hong Kong to Los Angeles remained flat at $1,886 per 40-foot container in the week of Mar. 12. Seven of the past ten weeks have rates remain unchanged week-to-week.
Port of Shanghai
12 Mar 2014
Carriers’ schedule reliability from Shanghai to Oakland, Calif., showed the greatest variation in eastbound Asia-to-Southern California route performances...
From left: Tay Yoshitani, Port of Seattle; Robert Leachman, University of California, Berkeley;John Wheeler, South Carolina State Ports Authority; Michael Murphy, CenterPoint Properties; Richard Smith, Sears Holdings Corp.
10 Mar 2014
LONG BEACH, Calif. — Retailers and other beneficial cargo owners that import merchandise from Asia make their routing decisions based on where the goods are produced, the U.S. destination, the cost of transportation, the value of the cargo and its sensitivity to transit time.
Shanghai Containerized Freight Index, North Europe, week ending Mar. 7, 2014. Source: Shanghai Shipping Exchange
07 Mar 2014
Spot container freight rates from Shanghai to U.S. ports fell about $70 per 40-foot container from last week, while rates from Shanghai to northern European and Mediterranean ports dropped more than $100 per TEU for the fourth straight week in the week of March 7. U.S-bound trade lanes have not seen an increase in seven weeks and Europe-bound lanes in nine weeks.
07 Mar 2014
Several container lines have scheduled rate hikes in multiple trade lanes from April to May, although any increases achieved could be temporary...
APL India at berth
05 Mar 2014
NOL Group will return to profit this year by concentrating on its core Transpacific business and reaping the benefits of its sizeable port holdings, according to one equity analyst firm.
From left: Walter Kemmsies, Moffatt & Nichol; Mario Moreno, JOC Group Inc.; Neil Dekker, Drewry.
04 Mar 2014
Container lines will continue to face challenging times in 2014 and 2015, but if they do not order a slew of new container ships over the next two years, the supply-demand economics in the major trade lanes will be brighter by 2016, according to an industry analyst.