27 Oct 2016
Trans-Pacific eastbound spot rates are building despite the “unpredictable” market, but the Hanjin effect is ebbing.
19 Sep 2016
Shippers expecting to secure the same low rate, long-term contracts they negotiated last year will be disappointed, Xeneta says.
16 Sep 2016
Spot freight rates in the eastbound Pacific may have found their comfort zone.
15 Sep 2016
The outlook for overall container trade growth, and particularly transshipment, is bleak.
It wasn't hard for shippers to find trans-Pacific capacity after Hanjin Shipping went bankrupt, and it's about to get easier still.
14 Sep 2016
Hanjin Shipping’s collapse has set off a rush by other container lines to add services and “extra loader” voyages.
12 Sep 2016
Non-vessel-operating common carriers as an industry saw signs of the Hanjin Shipping collapse months before the South Korean container line filed for bankruptcy Aug. 31.
The failure of spot rates to continue rising given the large amount of uncertainty surrounding Hanjin Shipping's bankruptcy proceedings was an unexpected development.
09 Sep 2016
Spot freight rates from Asia to the United States held after a surge last week, but the failure to rise further this week suggests importers are finding space on other carriers.
The decision by Maersk Line and Mediterranean Shipping Co. to add new trans-Pacific services follows their deployment of extra loaders on the trade.
07 Sep 2016
2M Alliance partners Maersk Line and Mediterranean Shipping Co. will add a pair of weekly trans-Pacific services.
06 Sep 2016
Hanjin Shipping's sudden exit has left shippers looking for capacity.
02 Sep 2016
Spot freight rates on containerized imports from Asia soared this week as the Hanjin Shipping bankruptcy strengthened trends already underway in the trans-Pacific.
Trans-Pacific spot rates will rise in the immediate aftermath of Hanjin Shipping's bankruptcy, but how the rate will trend in the longer-term is murkier.
01 Sep 2016
Trans-Pacific inbound container rates are soaring in the aftermath of this week’s collapse of Hanjin Shipping.
Trans-Pacific volumes have been respectable this year, but they have still been unable to catch up with capacity introduced by container lines in the recent past.
26 Aug 2016
Vessels carrying peak-season imports from Asia are filling up.