One of the most important trade lanes on the globe, the Asia-Europe trade is where mega-ships are typically deployed first after entering service because of the high level of trade between these regions. Ships on this route typically transit the Suez Canal, but low fuel prices and receding ice sheets in the Arctic have some carriers experimenting with routes around the Horn of Africa and Russia. 

Even the immediate withdrawal of 150,000 twenty-foot-equivalent units of capacity on the Asia-Mediterranean trade after the bankruptcy of Hanjin Shipping could not lift rates for a sustained period of time.
30 Sep 2016
Container shipping on Asia-Europe enters its slack season that will last until the pre-Chinese New Year pick up.
29 Apr 2016
Technology is playing an increasing role in the management of freight rates.
27 Apr 2016
The new Ocean Alliance will have the largest market shares of critical east-west trades.
25 Apr 2016
Betting on the troubled container shipping industry probably makes more sense than investing in it, and a bookmaker would be salivating at the permutations available to the eight shipping lines “orphaned” by the Ocean Alliance that was formed last week.
22 Apr 2016
There was little movement among spot rates on the Asia-North Europe and Asia-Mediterranean trades this week as carriers prepare for the May 1 general rate increases they hope will offer some relief.
15 Apr 2016
Carriers on the Asia to Europe and Mediterranean trades are lining up to levy highly optimistic May 1 general rate increases that, if successful, will double the spot rate on the struggling routes where prices each slid by 7 percent this week.
12 Apr 2016
Shipping lines struggling under the burden of surplus capacity and weak demand appear to have abandoned all attempts to improve profitability this year, according to container contract rate data from Drewry.
11 Apr 2016
With spot freight rates at stubbornly low levels on Asia-North Europe and Asia-Mediterranean over the last 12 months, Drewry expects the southern gateways to Europe to become increasingly viable versus the traditional mega-ports to the north.
08 Apr 2016
The rally in spot freight rates on the Asia-Europe liner trades has fizzled out after just two weeks as the market resumes its slide to all-time lows, undermining container lines’ bid to push through the latest general rate increases.
28 Mar 2016
Spot rates on the Asia-Europe trade recovered slightly after matching record lows and reports of zero freight began to circulate.
18 Mar 2016
Forwarders are reporting a growing number of enquiries for zero freight rates on container shipments from Asia to North Europe, even as spot rates on the trade and on Asia-Mediterranean this week matched the lowest levels ever recorded.
14 Mar 2016
The Asia-Europe container trade faces volatile spot freight rates and sluggish traffic growth through 2016, according to Drewry Shipping Consultants.