One of the most important trade lanes on the globe, the Asia-Europe trade is where mega-ships are typically deployed first after entering service because of the high level of trade between these regions. Ships on this route typically transit the Suez Canal, but low fuel prices and receding ice sheets in the Arctic have some carriers experimenting with routes around the Horn of Africa and Russia. 

21 Jul 2017
The anticipated rate increases on Asia-Europe have yet to materialize with the spot rate falling for the third week in a row, despite a peak season volume surge.
17 Aug 2015
Maersk Line expects the ailing Asia-Europe trade to improve in the second half of this year, as the devaluation of the Chinese currency boost exports and liners decrease capacity.
14 Aug 2015
The Asia-Europe trade was carrier enemy number one this week as two of the world’s most profitable container lines blamed weaker revenues on the chronically underperforming route, and spot rates duly responded by tumbling a further 23 percent this week.
13 Aug 2015
Maersk Line and Mediterranean Shipping Co. are axing one of their Asia-Europe services in the latest cutback by carriers on the troubled route that is facing lower traffic and tumbling freight rates.