Commentary: Turning the Page

In publishing, as in logistics, it’s all about adapting to change. For 185 years, The Journal of Commerce has done just that in providing the information, analysis and intelligence about some of the driving forces in the global and North American economy: the manufacturing and movement of goods over water, rail, road and in the air.

And, whether that intelligence is distributed by a poster-sized daily newspaper, a more manageable tabloid, a weekly magazine or on the Internet — all incarnations of the JOC since founder Samuel F.B. Morse brought his vision to reality in 1827 — it all boils down to one overarching goal: helping you, the transportation and logistics professional, do your job more effectively.

The launch this month of a newly designed and enhanced is the latest chapter in a digital transition that, for the JOC, began with the launch of the original Web site in 2000 and the beginnings of the migration from daily newspaper to digital distribution. That original shift represented a move to deliver breaking news in a more immediate format, saving the analysis and thought leadership JOC readers have come to expect from us for a new weekly magazine.

But we live in a fast-paced world that’s only getting faster, and immediacy of information is king.

So what can you expect from this latest iteration of the JOC? We’ll continue to provide all the analysis, intelligence, data and information — only more, and on a much grander, more immediate scale. The new still houses the breaking news you need, supplemented by more data than you’ve ever seen from us, presided over by JOC Economist Mario Moreno and a new data team. It also includes daily intelligence and exclusive analysis from the JOC’s unmatched team of veteran editors — true experts in their field.

With all the valuable new content being added to, we have decided to send out the JOC print magazine every two weeks starting in October. JOC members will have access to all magazine content online, in addition to the new and expanded Web site content.

We’ll continue, of course, to leverage the intelligence provided by sister company PIERS in developing data and information in new ways.

No business-to-business media outlet today can thrive without offering its customers multiple outlets for meaningful intelligence: digital, data, targeted monthly reports, events, mobile applications and, yes, print. For the JOC, that means more ink — literally — than any other U.S. logistics media outlet. It means vibrant events featuring the industry’s most knowledgeable experts, starting with this month’s 6th annual TPM Asia Conference in Shenzhen and November’s Canada Maritime Conference. It means regularly interacting with you through targeted Webcasts.

And, in an increasingly globally connected world, it means a more international scope to match the JOC’s North American coverage. So whether you’re shipping goods from Chicago or Shanghai, we’ll be there.

The news business is changing — indeed, for many, it’s failing. It’s no longer enough to cover the events impacting the global supply chain. Today, it’s about intelligence and innovation, which we aim to provide in spades. Check out the new

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