Katrina Plus Five

When out-of-town journalists parachute into New Orleans for a quick story on Hurricane Katrina’s impact, they tend to make a beeline for the city’s Lower Ninth Ward.

Anyone who’s looked closer knows that many other areas were hit just as hard. Suburban St. Bernard Parish and New Orleans East, both adjacent to the Lower Ninth, were 100 percent flooded. The storm’s impact was and is regional, not local. The U.S. has never experienced anything like it.

Five years after the storm, what's Katrina's economic impact on the New Orleans metro area? IHS Global Insight provides a concise analysis here. Of the numerous statistics the report cites, I'd quibble with only one – the estimated death toll of 1,464 the report cites is about 100 below the generally accepted number for Louisiana and well below the 1,800-plus including Mississippi.

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