USA-ITA rebranded as United States Fashion Industry Association (USFIA)

USA-ITA rebranded as United States Fashion Industry Association (USFIA)

Nov 8, 2013

Yesterday, the United States Association of Importers of Textiles & Apparel (USA-ITA) launched our new brand: United States Fashion Industry Association. Our new brand includes a new mission statement and values statement that more clearly communicates our purpose and direction for the future. The launch took place at the 25th Annual Textile & Apparel Importer Trade & Transportation Conference co-hosted with the American Import Shippers Association (AISA) in New York City.

We invite you to visit and explore our new brand, which was developed over 10 months with input from our members and trusted network, and see how our work makes a positive impact on our members and the broader fashion industry. Click the links below, or keep reading to learn more.



We’re very excited about our new brand, and we look forward to continuing to work with you. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us at or tweet us @usfashion.

We’re still the same organization you know and trust—but in a better outfit!


The United States Fashion Industry Association (USFIA) represents the fashion industry:  textile and apparel brands, retailers, importers, and wholesalers based in the United States and doing business globally. Founded in 1989 as the United States Association of Importers of Textiles & Apparel with the goal of eliminating the global apparel quota system, USFIA now works to eliminate the tariff and non-tariff barriers that impede the industry’s ability to trade freely and create economic opportunities in the United States and abroad. Headquartered in Washington, D.C., USFIA is the most respected voice for the fashion industry in front of the U.S. government as well as international governments and stakeholders.  With constant, two-way communication, USFIA staff and counsel serve as the eyes and ears of our members in Washington and around the world, enabling them to stay ahead of the regulatory challenges of today and tomorrow. Through our publications, educational events, and networking opportunities, USFIA also connects with key stakeholders across the value chain including U.S. and international service providers, suppliers, and industry groups.


The United States Fashion Industry Association (USFIA) is dedicated to the removal of barriers that impede the free movement of textile and apparel products to the United States and international markets.


USFIA was instrumental in eliminating the global apparel quota system. As our industry increasingly globalizes, new challenges arise every day. To remain focused and ensure that our work makes a positive impact on our members, we keep the following five values in mind with every decision we make.


Our members tell us that we listen to them, support them, and defend them—while our government partners tell us that we work with them to find creative solutions.


We maintain and articulate a deep understanding of the industry and challenges most important to our members—the sourcing and compliance executives who make tough decisions every day on how to address these challenges.


We keep a laser focus on our mission, which allows us to be agile and quickly seize upon opportunities to move the needle.


Our members collaborate to share best practices and amplify the industry’s voice on the critical issues, putting aside marketplace competition to work together toward common goals.


We keep our members informed not only about the regulatory challenges today, but also the regulatory challenges of tomorrow—and as our industry globalizes, we likewise expand our reach.


We know what you’re thinking: What is “the fashion industry?” Is my company part of it?

The phrase “the fashion industry” may call to mind images of Fashion Week and photo shoots. In this era of global trade, however, the high-fashion runways are just one part of the broader textile and apparel industry that ranges from high-end luxury brands to fast-fashion retailers—and the thousands of companies in between that produce and sell clothing, shoes, and other textile products.

United States Fashion Industry Association members and affiliates include companies across the value chain, which support our mission to remove barriers to textile and apparel trade. These companies include:

  • Brands, retailers, importers, and wholesalers of textiles and apparel.
  • Service providers, including consultants, customs brokers, freight forwarders, law firms, logistics providers, steamship lines, and testing and certification companies that help those brands, retailers, importers, and wholesalers.
  • Manufacturers and suppliers of finished products and inputs for finished products, as well as supplier associations, business councils, and promotional groups.
  • Agencies that promote the industry from a specific region, country, city, or other geographic entity.
  • Academic institutions.

This industry includes companies and professionals across the value chain, working in roles ranging from design and development, to sourcing and logistics, to trade policy and compliance, to retail and marketing.