International Seafarers Center Appoints New Executive Director

Aug 2, 2014

Guy Fox, president of the International Seafarers Center Board of Directors, has announced the appointment of Capt. Dick McKenna as the new executive director of the International Seafarers Center (ISC) - Long Beach and Los Angeles.

McKenna was formerly chief-of-staff for U. S. Navy operations in Southern California and was the former executive director of the Marine Exchange of Southern California. He also had three sea commands and commissioned the battleship New Jersey as executive officer during his noted naval career.

The ISC is the last open center serving the needs of all seamen in the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles. It is the only organization reaching out to visiting ships' crews throughout the entire Los Angeles/Long Beach harbor complex with transportation, recreation, spiritual outreach (for many different faiths), mail, Internet, telephone services, and much more.

Guy Fox, president/CEO of Guy Fox & Associates, Inc., commented on this appointment.

“The ISC, which first opened more than 32 years ago, provides humanitarian services to all international seafarers in the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles,” Fox said. “Capt. Dick McKenna as a tremendous asset for the International Seafarers Center with his wealth of naval and maritime experience. He has a complete understanding of what goes on in our ports.”

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