International Logistics

Companies like Berard play a crucial role in project cargo transportation.

Hong Kong, China, Egypt, and Chile have modified their all-out ban of Brazilian beef exports to focus only on rejecting shipments from 21 packing plants.

In just two days, shippers will be dealing with a totally changed container shipping landscape as the global carriers roll out their new alliances.

World's largest retailer plans to build a $135 million import distribution center.

Investor interest in digitalizing the logistics process continues to grow.

Most of the latest investment will be spent broadening the current focus on trans-Pacific routes to include other parts of the world.

Ships calling Yokohama can stack various incentive schemes to get discounts of up to 100 percent on port dues.

The fourth-quarter performance might be a blip, but there are plenty of indicators it isn't. data show more smaller trucking firms entering market as big carriers cut capacity.

Trailer Bridge is developing a new niche with 53-foot containers on a twice-weekly service to Santo Domingo