International Logistics

Demand for warehouse and distribution space was unabated in first quarter despite low vacancy rates and increasing rents.

The move seeks to solve a core problem that underpins the industry’s slow pace in digitalizing processes.

With the help of Microsoft, Maersk Line plans to roll out customer software applications in the third quarter that will help beneficial cargo owners track containers and manage cargo.

Higher freight demand fails to absorb excess truckload capacity, pushing down rates and tightening margins for largest US freight broker.

Geographically, the region is easily accessible to the US East and West coasts and offers interline connectivity for eastern and western railways while bypassing infamous Chicago congestion.

Work is already under way to develop the scope of the Baltic’s freight market information services.

Carriers control the physical transport of containers, so any supply chain solution needs to have their support.

More shippers are putting freight lanes up for bid, Covenant Transportation Group executives say.

It will be the company’s first net loss since its privatization in October 2007.

There are signs potential negative effects of the new alliances on transshipment and tariffs may be overstated, according to the CEO of HPH Trust.