International Logistics

A federal judge has allowed a bank to foreclose on and sell its interest in more than 1,500 Hanjin Shipping containers to repay the bank for owed lease payments.

A smooth rollout is not expected.

It is not only dry containers where freight rates are heading for the stars.

Beyond the headline numbers of multi-billion-dollar investments, Belt and Road is an opaque concept.

Shippers spent more on dedicated trucking and last-mile deliveries last year, benefiting top tier carriers. Will industrial and consumer freight follow in 2017?

Pace of service contracting should heat up as soon as final questions about new carrier alliances are answered.

One theme that popped up in a number of panel discussions at the JOC's 17th Annual TPM Conference was a changing of the paradigm that defines relationships between carriers and shippers.

A directory of more than 150 warehousing service providers across the United States.

“Shippers along these routes will get the best transit times, most competition, and cheapest rates. The reverse will be true for niche shippers.”