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Despite reports of tight truckload capacity, the number of 'active' trucking firms is rising steadily, reports.

The acquisition of Pacer International earlier this year tapped several trends driving growth at XPO
Fast-growing third-party logistics companies are tuning into and tapping broad trends driving logistics growth in the U.S. and globally, including increased cross-border trade and the expansion of intermodal rail. Here are seven trends picked by XPO Logistics CEO Bradley S. Jacobs.

A new carrier alliance entered the fray this week after weeks of feverish speculation.

Transportation analysts hailed the $700 million investment XPO Logistics won from three global funds yesterday. The question, they said, is what XPO will buy with that money.

predictive analysis art by Sue
A methodology known as “predictive analysis,” an increasingly important byproduct of the Big Data revolution with a forward-looking focus on accurate data from the past, exploits the growing capability of today’s more powerful computers to deploy advanced mathematical algorithms to identify patterns otherwise hidden within the ever-expanding explosion of data generated by today’s ubiquitous electronic devices.

Three global funds will invest $700 million in XPO Logistics, accelerating the fast-growing company's acquisition plans for 2014.

China’s logistics property investment is continuing at a rapid pace as retailers sign leases for specialised distribution centres to support their mainland expansion plans.

Chinese factories are still expanding production even though most orders for the holiday season in the U.S., Europe and elsewhere have already been shipped, suggesting global demand is building.

Shares of Long Beach, Calif. based forwarder UTi Worldwide shot up over 20 percent after an earnings release in which the company announced the virtual completion of a multi-year global IT rollout

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A long-term shift from air to ocean freight by shippers looking to cut transport costs and willing to tolerate longer transit times may be slowing, according to recent comments from transportation executives.