International Logistics

SM Line will set sail without the help of an alliance.

The ongoing rise in trans-Pacific spot rates has so far not been replicated in contract rates for large shippers.

Singapore’s agreement in India could be a boon to supply chain productivity.

Donald Trump’s presidential election victory makes forecasting the future for third-party logistics providers more difficult than usual, given Trump’s unorthodox and unpredictable views on international trade.

Trans-Pacific spot rate increases again in run-up to the Chinese New Year.

After setback, owner-operators say they will "pull out all the stops" to convince lawmakers, US Supreme Court, to kill the ELD mandate.

Spot rates on Asia-Europe are still well above last year's levels with tight space supporting prices.

Investment continues to pour into the China logistics sector to support rapidly growing e-commerce and the demand for modern warehousing.

Dunavant COO Richard McDuffie on development of its global logistics business, pressing US infrastructure needs and the importance of inland logistics.

If additional carriers go bankrupt, the lines that remain will quickly consolidate their power, enabling them to dictate pricing.