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Logistics Technology

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As thousands of logistics executives from around the world filled the halls of the Long Beach Convention Center over a three-day period for the 15th Annual JOC TPM Conference this month, I couldn’t help but flash back to the first TPM in 2000, when there were about 300 of us in attendance. In those days, the JOC was a daily newspaper delivered to my front door.

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22 May 2015
Shipping businesses in China are finally emulating their Western peers by embracing the opportunities and challenges brought by the internet, cloud computing, and big data.
13 May 2015
Shippers and logistics providers need more advanced transportation management systems to meet a host of logistics challenges that didn't exist in 2000, 3GTMS CEO Mitch Weseley told the ALK Transportation Technology Summit.
08 May 2015
The same developers that debuted a Web app to cut down on truck drivers’ empty runs are about to launch a new truck-focused traffic app.
07 May 2015
Orbcomm's first-quarter revenue rocketed 149 percent as the acquisition of SkyWave and InSync kicked in to boost use of its asset-tracking services.
07 May 2015
The next frontier in refrigerated cargo visibility is here, and it doesn’t involve just tracking a container. No, the latest technology, made possible by machine-to-machine communication and the Internet of Things, not only allows for that, but also for controlling a container remotely to protect its contents throughout the journey, and for an interactive environment in which assets communicate with each other and exchange data.
04 May 2015
INTTRA is moving into a new market: selling data to the beneficial cargo owners that book cargo space through its e-commerce portal, to provide visibility into the movement of containers at every step on their ocean voyage..
Haven's Matt Tillman at TPM 2015.
28 Apr 2015
At TPM 2015, Haven, a new startup business in the shipping industry, launched an online platform allowing shippers to be more self-sufficient, comparing and reserving container slots from ocean carriers. CEO and Founder Matt Tillman discusses connecting shippers directly with carriers, and moving beyond rates as a differentiating factor of service.
27 Apr 2015
At its worst, the months of congestion and gridlock at West Coast ports left beneficial cargo owners nearly blind in trying to pinpoint where their shipments were in the supply chain. Unlike the visibility it has given industry stakeholders under normal conditions, technology couldn’t even save the day. The sophisticated electronic tools shippers use to manage and track their cargoes just didn’t work as advertised.
CargoSphere's Neil Barni at TPM 2015.
27 Apr 2015
At TPM 2015, MIT’s Dr. Chris Caplice gave a TED-style talk on the future of transportation and touched on the basic human needs of collaboration and individuality. Neil Barni, president, CargoSphere, discusses the reasoning behind their sponsorship of this session and the paradigm change needed in contract management.
13 Apr 2015
The "unprecedented" growth of e-commerce, coupled with rapid development of mobile technology, is changing the playbook for shippers and transport operators alike.