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Logistics Technology

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Companies that prefer to keep their operations in-house can leverage some of the best practices used by logistics providers to reduce costs and increase their bottom line.

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20 Jan 2015
Challenged by the need to make their companies ever more cost-effective and competitive, third-party logistics companies are compelled to assess ever longer — and often more confusing — lists of new technology options.
19 Jan 2015
Shippers will increasingly turn to technology to find ways to cope with extreme delays and disruption caused by port congestion, labor disputes and other crises and build more flexibility into their supply chains, says an executive at software provider Descartes Systems Group.
14 Jan 2015
Faced with growing demand from retail and technology customers, UPS is expanding contract logistics operations in Europe.
A convoy of Scania trucks rolls through Europe.
08 Jan 2015
This is the year the “Internet of Things” — the growing network of products, from home thermostats to industrial machinery, that connect to the Internet — moves from the back room to the show floor.
05 Jan 2015
Satellite-based container tracking and communications giant Orbcomm extended its international reach and technology base by acquiring Canada's SkyWave Mobile Communications.
18 Dec 2014
Truckload rates and intermodal pricing continued their year-over-year climb in November, spurred by stronger freight demand and port congestion.
16 Dec 2014
With the acquisition of GENCO, everything old is new again for FedEx — or at least resellable.
09 Dec 2014
Despite the resignation of CEO Eric W. Kirchner and a $34 million loss in its latest quarter, UTi Worldwide has passed a turning point, new CEO Edward G. Feitzinger said Dec. 9.
26 Nov 2014
Keeping track of the constantly changing rates and amendments in the container booking system is complex and an exercise in frustration for forwarders, beneficial cargo owners (BCOs) and NVOCCs, but crucial to establishing a bottom line cost, believes CargoSphere president Neil Barni.
19 Nov 2014
There is still no end in sight to the port of Manila congestion more than six months after an ill-considered truck ban quickly began to see containers stacking up at the two main terminals in the Philippine capital.