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Companies can try to associate their brand with big global tech brands such as Amazon, Alibaba, and Uber but this is a marketing technique and requires further scrutiny.

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29 Mar 2017
Investor interest in digitalizing the logistics process continues to grow.
29 Mar 2017
Most of the latest investment will be spent broadening the current focus on trans-Pacific routes to include other parts of the world.
20 Mar 2017
Cass truckload and intermodal data reflect importance of fuel in pricing and rising demand.
20 Mar 2017
Maersk Line chief commercial officer Vincent Clerc lays out how technology will reshape global supply chains.
20 Mar 2017
The system will help increase the number of New Panamax ships that can pass through the Panama Canal from an average of five a day at present.
15 Mar 2017
Venture capital money is available to fund freight technology startups, if the fit is right.
15 Mar 2017
JOC’s 17th Annual TPM Conference was bursting with sharp insights on where the industry is headed and on ways to break the cycle of overcapacity, less-than-spectacular service, and unsustainable rates.
10 Mar 2017
Sensors attached to containers to show the whereabouts of goods at any given moment revolutionize how logistics is conducted.
07 Mar 2017
The Port of Los Angeles and GE Transportation are working together to build what they envision will be container terminals of the 21st century.
06 Mar 2017
Blockchain could save the shipping industry billions of dollars.