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Logistics Technology

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I wrote on the topic of additive manufacturing, better known as “3D Printing,” two years ago as industry analysts were heralding its envisioned impact on manufacturing as nothing short of the next industrial revolution. So what happened to manufacturers’ predictions that they’d be making their own widgets on site, and the dramatic sea change that this would have on international supply chains?

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19 Aug 2015
Cargo Chief's Abtin Hamidi says shippers can find truck capacity at the right price, if they know where to look. Web-based and mobile technology can hand them the keys.
19 Aug 2015
Two new products from INTTRA, the e-commerce cargo-booking portal, show how the logistics industry is diving into so-called “big data” and working to transform raw information into supply chain intelligence.
12 Aug 2015
The surge in freight traffic that began in April dissipated in July, as shipments dropped 1.6 percent from June, the latest Cass Freight Index shows. That's a normal seasonal trend, Cass said, pointing out that volumes are still higher than in 2013 and the early economic recovery.
11 Aug 2015
Infor’s announcement that it would acquire GT Nexus for $675 million is the latest sign of how consolidation in the logistics cloud-based software industry is paralleling similar activity in the global third-party logistics market.
07 Aug 2015
Orbcomm Inc. swung to a $12.2 million loss in the second quarter, after expenses mounted in the wake of recent acquisitions and the company lost communication with one of its low-earth-orbiting satellites.
23 Jul 2015
Descartes has announced the second purchase of a logistics software firm in three days as the company seeks to bolster its network that provides shippers with more visibility of their shipments while in transit.
21 Jul 2015
Descartes, which operates the Global Logistics Network, recently purchased MK Data Service for $76.3 million in cash, giving shippers who use the network one more way to protect themselves from doing business with denied parties.
06 Jul 2015
A software company that provides information on truck stops, weigh stations and other on-the-road services to U.S. truckers is now offering a free beta test of its freight marketplace platform to the public.
02 Jul 2015
The development of "connected" trucks by partners such as Zonar and Daimler Trucks North America has big implications for visibility into global supply chains. In the future, the truck is likely to be the basic node of information in interlocking supply chain networks, generating and sharing information.
29 Jun 2015
Mobility has become the latest technological catchphrase, especially in transportation, as wave after wave of t