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17 Jan 2017
Singapore’s agreement in India could be a boon to supply chain productivity.
13 Jan 2017
After setback, owner-operators say they will "pull out all the stops" to convince lawmakers, US Supreme Court, to kill the ELD mandate.
04 Jan 2017
Trucking insurers are likely to offer discounts on rising premiums to carriers that use safety technology such as Greenlight's on-board camera. That could help carriers struggling with rising insurance costs, and their customers.
01 Jan 2017
The complexity inherent in global supply chains means small disruptions can have big knock-on consequences.
15 Dec 2016
Maersk Line this week launched a mobile app that helps its Indian customers track and trace their shipments.
12 Dec 2016
Entrepreneurs in India are seeking to transform freight transportation in the country.
28 Nov 2016
Indices measuring trucking demand, pricing, and tonnage fell again in October, but decelerating declines are raising motor carriers’ hopes that the market has reached the bottom of the trough.
21 Nov 2016
The goods-movement industry is good at digitizing its internal operations but bad at sharing data across industry lines.
15 Nov 2016
Shippers have generally welcomed the new approach.
15 Nov 2016
A pilot project at the Port of Los Angeles will enable members of the supply chain to plan operations 10 to 14 days in advance of vessel arrival.