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Logistics Technology

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At its core, the cold chain industry is strong. Better yet, the challenges transportation providers have faced during the past few years are thawing out, and there’s an undeniable optimism in the air. Spending on refrigerated equipment, cold chain-related software and technology, and services are picking up, and this year is off to a stronger start.

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15 Feb 2015
Technology providers, manufacturers, retailers and other supply chain stakeholders are automating billing and settlement processes, and digitizing the “pay” in the “procure-to-pay” process critical to business-to-business supply chain management.
Home delivery of goods drives expansion of last-mile logistics services.
11 Feb 2015
Last-mile logistics services are rapidly evolving as consumers increasingly by goods online, including bigger, heavier goods. XPO Logistics acquired its fourth last-mile company, UX Specialized Logistics, this week.
10 Feb 2015
U.S. freight shipments and spending took a seasonal dip in January, but remained elevated compared with 2013 and previous years.
02 Feb 2015
Avondale Partners sees higher over-the-road pricing ahead for shippers, but still expects some freight to shift from intermodal rail to truck as fuel prices and surcharges plummet, cutting into total trucking costs.
29 Jan 2015
The Long Beach port of the future will be a “smart port,” as described the its new chief executive, that uses technology to link all supply chain participants in a unified effort to increase cargo velocity, and an “energy island” that is a self-sustaining generator of clean energies.
29 Jan 2015
A fresh round of investment will help Cargomatic bring its on-demand local trucking technology to shippers in new U.S. markets.
20 Jan 2015
Challenged by the need to make their companies ever more cost-effective and competitive, third-party logistics companies are compelled to assess ever longer — and often more confusing — lists of new technology options.
19 Jan 2015
Shippers will increasingly turn to technology to find ways to cope with extreme delays and disruption caused by port congestion, labor disputes and other crises and build more flexibility into their supply chains, says an executive at software provider Descartes Systems Group.
14 Jan 2015
Faced with growing demand from retail and technology customers, UPS is expanding contract logistics operations in Europe.
A convoy of Scania trucks rolls through Europe.
08 Jan 2015
This is the year the “Internet of Things” — the growing network of products, from home thermostats to industrial machinery, that connect to the Internet — moves from the back room to the show floor.