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Logistics Technology

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Executed properly, inventory optimization reduces the incidence of out-of-stock products, minimizes carrying costs, increases fulfillment speeds and preserves gross profit margins.

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02 Oct 2015
The coming "data explosion" could help make transportation networks much more efficient — if we can agree on what information to share and with whom to share it.
28 Sep 2015
A new, centralized supply chain software platform will help food service distributor Canadian Paper keep track of perishables moving from "farm to fork."
21 Sep 2015
When it comes to the business of moving goods from one point to another, there’s one firm that insiders say is shaking up the logistics industry — and it’s not even in logistics.
14 Sep 2015
The addition of some over-the-road capacity is tempering contract rate hikes, Avondale Partners says. Low spot market truck rates and fuel prices may be helping, too.
14 Sep 2015
In a landmark pilot project that began in 2013, Interstate Batteries demonstrates how the installation of passive RFID systems can help manage consignment or vendor-managed inventories in remote locations.
13 Sep 2015
The “hype cycle” about radio-frequency identification technology climaxed after it became clear the technology was too costly and difficult to implement. But item-level RFID technology is playing a much more important role for many retailers, especially in apparel and footwear, according to RFID innovator Dean Frew, who founded software maker Xterprise in 2002, and is now president of SML Intelligent Inventory Systems.
09 Sep 2015
A Hong Kong startup has launched a private beta version of a new online platform that is being billed as the “Expedia for freight shipping.”
01 Sep 2015
A GT Nexus, YouGov consumer survey finds many shoppers complain of stock-outs even as retailers see inventory levels surge, a sign of increasing supply-chain complexity and low "visibility."
19 Aug 2015
Cargo Chief's Abtin Hamidi says shippers can find truck capacity at the right price, if they know where to look. Web-based and mobile technology can hand them the keys.
19 Aug 2015
Two new products from INTTRA, the e-commerce cargo-booking portal, show how the logistics industry is diving into so-called “big data” and working to transform raw information into supply chain intelligence.