Kambara-kisen signed the contract with a service provider 'CyberLogitec Co.,Ltd.' (Seoul, Korea) for Japan's AFR*.

Kambara-kisen signed the contract with a service provider 'CyberLogitec Co.,Ltd.' (Seoul, Korea) for Japan's AFR*.

Sep 11, 2013

- Kambara-kisen signed a contract with Japan's AFR Service Provider 'CyberLogitec Co.,Ltd.'

 - CyberLogitec is ranked on the Japanese customs' authorized service provider list for Japan's advance filing rule(JAFR)

- CyberLogitec launches a new Japan's AFR service for Carriers and NVOCCs in foreign countries through OPUS SmartLink*.

 Seoul, South Korea – Sep 11, 2013 – CyberLogitec, a maritime logistics IT company in Seoul South Korea, announced that CyberLogitec (www.cyberlogitec.com) signed a contract with Kambara-kisen (www.kambara-kisen.co.jp) in the OPUS SmartLink service for the JAFR.

Kambara-kisen, a Japanese container shipping lines which covers the Far East and the South East Asia, decided to adopt the OPUS SmartLink of CyberLogitec in order to prepare the JAFR (NACCS) which will be enforced from Mar of 2014.

And OPUS SmartLink provides the visibility of the cargo status as well as the automated manifest declaration and monitoring focused on the actual manifest declaration process.

OPUS SmartLink supports various customs declaration services for US AMS and ISF, EU ICS(ENS) and ECS(EXS), Korean advanced manifest, Chinese manifest and Japanese manifest (JAFR).

"We promise the risk reduction, the improvement of productivity and the compliance with the customs regulation through OPUS SmartLink" said Jang-Rim Choi, the CEO of CyberLogitec.

CyberLogitec has been monitoring the coming changes to the declaration system of Japan Customs since 2012, and in January 2013, CyberLogitec worked agreement for system link with NACCS of Japan Customs for the Advance Filing Rules and was to be an authorized service provider.

 The service for Japan's Advance Filing Rules will be integrated into the single service with the U.S. AMS, the European ENS and EXS, and the Korean KAMS. Furthermore, the company is going to provide operations and system consulting to give liners and NVOCCs preliminary understanding of and guidance on the operational changes and help them minimize risks and take full advantage of the involved opportunities.



*  AFR -  Advance Filing Rules, which will be effected in March 2014

* OPUS SmartLink is a web-based customs portal solution which connects customer's system and customs in the generalized electronic data format and communications methods following the global customs regulations.


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