170 Member Milestone Marks PCN’s Growing Success

170 Member Milestone Marks PCN’s Growing Success

Mar 20, 2013

Project Cargo Network (PCN) has announced that more than 170 heavy lift and project cargo specialists have now joined the global network.

The milestone marks another step in PCN's evolution from a modest grouping of SME companies in August 2010 to one of the leading organisations in today's project cargo industry with an international presence that extends to over 525 worldwide offices in more than 85 countries with collective Annual Revenues of USD 2.4 Billion.

PCN crossed the 170 Member threshold just under 3 years after the network was established and the PCN Head Office, based in the UK, has noted a growing number of new partnerships and shipments successfully completed within the organisation.

Chairwoman, Rachel Humphrey cites the 2 PCN Annual Summits, held in the UK and India, as the catalysts for many of these new partnerships.

"Today’s technology makes it easier for our Members to keep in touch using email, iPhone’s, blackberry’s, Skype, etc. At PCN we embrace technology and have developed our own sophisticated networking facilities including the PCN Online Networking System and most recently our Smartphone Service. However, with over 15 years’ experience of organising international freight conferences, we are aware that face-to-face meetings are integral in developing and maintaining business.

PCN is designed to be a catalyst for long standing relations between Members, which means repeat business. Trust is elemental to repeat business and our Annual Summit provides the opportunity for our Member offices to get to know each other and build confidences. New Members are always warmly welcomed at our meetings and quickly become part of our professional and friendly organisation.

In an industry that has had to work hard over the past few years to survive the global recession, PCN is proud to have provided many new business opportunities to the heavy lift and project cargo specialists that have passed our strict entry procedures.”

The 3rd PCN Annual Summit will take place in Bangkok in November 2013.