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Truck-mounted cameras, especially those that capture video of the truck driver during an incident, may be a hard sell to some truckers, but as they realize the amount of control they have over the system — and see benefits — drivers will come around, according to Adam Kahn, senior director of marketing for SmartDrive.

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20 Aug 2014
Venice, California-based Cargomatic is testing its “Uber”-like truck and shipment matching technology in the tri-state trucking market of New York, northern New Jersey and Connecticut.
20 Aug 2014
Changing supply chains demand changing technology, and a more multimodal, integrated supply chain require a blend of asset- and non-asset-based transportation systems.
18 Aug 2014
As trucks travel interstate highways, onboard sensors are collecting, sending and receiving information, with the lion’s share going to and coming from a fleet management system. But as technology advances, the truck is being knit into a broader, more open network.
Quick180 website
12 Aug 2014
One of container shipping’s most glaring inefficiencies is the countless unproductive trips by truckers who deliver an import box to an inland destination but return to port with no backhaul. Rick Knapp thinks he has a solution.
Satellite dishes receiving data
08 Aug 2014
With the first six of a new generation of satellites in orbit, Orbcomm expects increased revenue from its global asset-tracking and management services in the second half of 2014.
06 Aug 2014
“Smart mobility” technology aimed at helping truckers avoid lengthy weigh station delays promises cost-saving benefits that could extend up supply chains to shippers.
23 Jul 2014
INTTRA has hired John F. Fay, formerly of brokerage Newedge Group, as CEO, effective immediately.
22 Jul 2014
Spurred by stronger industrial production, consumer spending and housing activity, truckload rates rose 5.2 percent on average in June from a year ago...
computer malware
18 Jul 2014
A sophisticated computer attack launched from China stole financial records, customer data and shipment manifests from as many as seven shipping and logistics companies, using handheld scanners infected with malicious software to crack through corporate security systems.
14 Jul 2014
China e-commerce giant Alibaba will partner with state-owned China Shipping Group to set up an integrated and