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Change is coming to the maritime industry, and rivals may not necessarily come from the industry.

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20 Apr 2017
Haven once touted its online-market as a groundbreaking rival to freight forwarders.
19 Apr 2017
If it gets regulatory approval, a futures market for truck freight rates, based on DAT data, could help shippers mitigate pricing risks as the market gets more volatile.
19 Apr 2017
The digital innovation “will give rise to a new generation of freight trains.”
18 Apr 2017
Facing tougher customer demands and more supply chain complexity, shippers increasingly want and need to collaborate with transportation partners. It doesn't happen overnight.
18 Apr 2017
ClearMetal believes AI and machine learning integrated into its software can retool the industry by offering more accurate container passage predictions.
17 Apr 2017
Shippers and logistics operators at recent conferences didn't expect a massive capacity crunch to follow the rollout of an electronic logging mandate this year, but truckers warned there will be an impact.
13 Apr 2017
Knowledge is power in contract talks, shippers at the NASSTRAC conference say.
10 Apr 2017
Shippers, it is clear, want greater visibility into their supply chains.
08 Apr 2017
Future rivals for companies in the maritime sector won’t necessarily come from the industry.
07 Apr 2017
Most supply chain managers and executives believe that a digital supply chain will be the “predominant model” in the next five years, and many expect predictive analytics will be a source of disruption and heightened competition.