TTS Agent, BCB Transport Expanding

Aug 27, 2013
IRVING, TX (August 26, 2013) – TTS agent, BCB Transport, is expanding their operation with a new storage and loading facility. Currently under construction, this new facility will allow BCB to consolidate its two locations and increase storage space by 150 percent. In addition, the new storage facility will accommodate 18 dock doors at completion.
“The capacity increase is tremendous,” said Rick Larkin, President & CEO, BCB Transport. “In our current storage facilities, we can only stack product as high at 14 feet on the perimeter. In addition to the extra square-footage, we’ll also be able to double the perimeter height of our shelving, and stack product as high as 50 feet in the center in our new facility. This offers us a significant advantage to increase our client base.”
BCB currently services clients in the food, retail products and chemical industries. The new facility will be built to accommodate all three industries and allow for expansion according to industry regulations.
As part of their expansion, BCB plans on adding 175 trucks to its fleet by July, 2017. For this reason, in addition to its storing capacity, the new facility will also offer a better environment for BCB drivers with an onsite rest stop. Drivers will have all the comforts of home with showers, beds, a kitchen and a safe place to stow their rig for the night.
“Driving innovation and expansion for our agent base is one of our primary goals at TTS,” said Andy Cole, President and CEO, TTS, LLC. “For this reason, we focus on the details by providing best-in-class technology, back office functions and agile capacity sourcing capabilities. This allows agents, such as BCB Transport to focus on what they do best. As BCB continues to expand, TTS will be there to ensure their success.”

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