Norbert Dentressangle awarded for its social initiative “Log’ins” at the 6th National Corporate Citizenship Trophies event

Nov 6, 2013

The trophy rewards exemplary initiatives launched and implemented by companies in the interests of society. Regardless of whether such initiatives are designed to directly benefit the company’s employees and partners, their local area or their country, they proactively combine the values of corporate citizenship with the primary aim of generating wealth.

Log’ins was founded in 2011 as a joint venture between Norbert Dentressangle and the Arès Organisation for the purpose of training disabled or under-qualified workers in the logistics professions, with the ultimate aim of enabling them to find jobs at “conventional” companies through customised social and professional support. This is an innovative springboard scheme, and a unique joint-venture for combating mass unemployment among disabled people.

Ludovic Oster, Norbert Dentressangle’s HR Director, explains, “This scheme is the perfect embodiment of Norbert Dentressangle's commitment to social solidarity. We are delighted to contribute to the integration of people who are disabled, or who have few or no qualifications. I would like to express my thanks both to Arès, whose values we share and whose skills are a perfect complement to our own, and to the customers who have entrusted their marketing logistics and e-commerce operations to Log'ins. Without their commitment alongside us, this initiative would not have been possible”.

The new Log’ins warehouse at Coudray-Montceaux (South of Paris) will be inaugurated on 21 November in the presence of Marie Arlette Carlotti, Junior Minister for the Disabled (contact:

Log’ins key figures:

  • 24 employees on insertion programmes, including 17 disabled employees, received support in 2012.
  • All of these employees received help with resolving the difficulties that they encountered with housing, health, and access to benefits, etc.
  • 2012 results: 14 corporate customers, revenues of €886,000 and a budget of €1,436,000 for 2013.
  • Target of 80 beneficiaries in 2015.

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