Abe Garver Tapped to Head Global E-Commerce Advisory for the Leading M&A Firm in the Supply Chain Sector

Jan 18, 2013

Abe Garver, BG Strategic Advisors' new managing director of global e-commerce advisory.Abe Garver, BG Strategic Advisors' new managing director of global e-commerce advisory.

PALM BEACH, Fla. — BG Strategic Advisors, the leading M&A firm for the supply chain sector and advisor on premium sell side deals, announced that Abe Garver has been named Managing Director of Global E-Commerce Advisory.

In addition to being an M&A advisor, Mr. Garver is a Bloomberg TV Commentator, Forbes Contributor, Internet Retail Conference Speaker, and news source to top journalists at TechCrunch, Internet Retailer, MultiChannel Merchant, M&A Magazine, Seeking Alpha, The Los Angeles Times and MarketWatch – WSJ.

“Abe recently published an article, TIME’s Person Of The Year: Your UPS Driver, in which he called attention to the breakneck speed of growth in the Global E-Commerce Supply Chain,” said Ben Gordon, Founder and Managing Partner of BG Strategic Advisors. “Abe’s expertise in this issue, BGSA’s leading role in the supply chain, and our combined strengths, should all provide great value to our clients,” said Ben Gordon.

Before joining BGSA, Mr. Garver worked for Focus LLC, Ernst & Young Financial Advisory Services, and Merrill Lynch’s M&A Technology Group. Mr. Garver holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Southern California, Marshall School.

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