Industrial Real Estate


Don’t have the time to rehash last year and want to know what’s in store for the next 18 months? You’ve got freight to move, so here are the takeaways from the annual State of Logistics report released on Tuesday by the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals and reporting.

News & Analysis

12 Jan 2017
Investment continues to pour into the China logistics sector to support rapidly growing e-commerce and the demand for modern warehousing.
06 Jan 2017
High demand for warehouse and distribution space means shippers must act quickly.
03 Jan 2017
E-commerce is heating up an already hot US market for industrial real estate.
24 Dec 2016
The bull run of the industrial real estate sector is expected to continue well into 2017 as importers and exporters seek quality sites for warehouses and distribution centers close to major seaports and inland hubs, but also in secondary markets.
22 Nov 2016
China's shift to automated factories will keep transportation supply chains in place.
15 Nov 2016
Tightening space and rising rental rates in Vancouver are driving some Western Canadian importers to move their distribution hubs inland — roughly 604 miles inland to Calgary.
07 Nov 2016
US experiencing generally strong demand for warehouse and distribution space, with demand in Canada and Latin America choppy.
20 Oct 2016
Precariously low West Coast vacancy rates for warehouse and distribution space are sending a stark message to shippers: Expect to pay even more to carry your goods, or rework your containerized supply chains.
11 Oct 2016
The need to keep e-commerce inventory on hand is driving a surge in demand for US warehouse and distribution center space.
09 Oct 2016
The most dynamic expansion in industrial real estate in the United States is happening in so-called second-tier markets with close access to big population centers.