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Third-party logistics had a better year than President Obama in 2013, but that’s not saying much. Gross revenue topped $150 billion for the first time. All market segments showed growth, with domestic transportation management leading the way. Overall net revenue growth was 4.9 percent.

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01 Apr 2014
The Swiss manufacturer of key distribution system components is expanding its own distribution and manufacturing footprint in the U.S. as e-commerce demand fuels distribution center construction.
21 Mar 2014
Actual reported instances of cargo theft declined from 2011 through 2013, but “cyber” cargo crime based on company identity theft and Internet fraud is on the rise, CargoNet’s Keith Lewis warns.
A Home Depot fulfillment center
07 Mar 2014
It begins with a leaky faucet, or perhaps a broken piece of crown molding, or a washing machine, or ceiling fan. Something needs to be fixed, replaced, improved or installed — and the right tools are required to do it. That specific need generates the demand that sets the supply chain in motion at The Home Depot, and increasingly that demand first appears as an online order placed through the retailer’s website.
20 Feb 2014
Singapore-based logistics developer GLP adds $230 million to its Brazilian development fund, which now totals $1.1 billion, to build out leasable distribution space in Brazil.
18 Feb 2014
Global Logistics Properties wins $2.5 billion in support from Chinese investors to expand its fast-growing network of modern logistics facilities across China.
Calgary, Alberta
12 Feb 2014
It’s not hard to see why major shippers are setting up shop or expanding their distribution operations in Calgary. Roughly $3.5 billion will be spent on infrastructure over the coming year.
Home Depot's new distribution center in Locust Grove, Ga.
11 Feb 2014
ATLANTA — Home Depot yesterday opened the first of three new direct fulfillment centers designed to speed online orders to consumers through distribution channels across its supply chain.
07 Feb 2014
Shippers must work with their partners to fix supply chain faults revealed by winter storms, or face more near-term rate hikes and equipment shortages, a logistics executive warns.
Modern logistics facility in China
16 Dec 2013
When Jeffrey H. Schwartz looks to China, he sees a land brimming with logistics opportunities — billions of dollars in opportunities, in fact.
13 Dec 2013
Suggesting that pressure is growing to deliver faster to e-commerce customers, Home Depot said it will be build three direct fulfillment centers around the country that will enable it to ship orders up to 5 PM on the day they are received.