Warehousing and Distribution Leader FW Warehousing Donates Part of Its Profits to Worthy Causes

Warehousing and Distribution Leader FW Warehousing Donates Part of Its Profits to Worthy Causes

May 8, 2013

SAUGET, Ill.— Since the start of 2013, long-time warehousing and distribution provider FW Warehousing has made two charitable donations from its profits, according to Mark Cusumano, President and CEO of FW Warehousing.

“As part of our new open-book management system based on The Great Game of Business, we have a system in place where a committee of FW associates meets on a monthly basis to identify charitable causes within the communities where we live and work and to make donations on behalf of FW and all our associates from a pool funded by company profits,” Cusumano said. “For January and February, we made a donation to the JSAW Foundation, a non-profit action sports ministry dedicated to building and operating skate parks where inner city youth can participate in action sports activities in a safe, positive environment. For the month of March, we helped one of our own. One of our fellow FW associates needed help with some major hospital bills resulting from a serious car accident involving a family member. The committee thought it was only right to help a coworker in a time of great need. This new approach to our charitable giving involving more of our team members is one more positive arising out of our adoption of The Great Game of Business.”

“The Great Game of Business is about more than just running our company in the most efficient and profitable way to best serve our customers,” Cusumano concluded. “There’s a higher purpose to it all. It’s about changing lives. We have an opportunity to help our associates grow and develop as people. We also have an opportunity to make positive contributions to our community. It’s part of our mission to build on our successes as a team here at FW and to then spread the joy and success we create from our work, starting from our coworkers to our vendors, customers, families, friends and moving outward to our neighborhoods and beyond. This is just the beginning.”

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