Wagner Logistics to Partner With Ainsworth Pet Nutrition on Arkansas Project

Wagner Logistics to Partner With Ainsworth Pet Nutrition on Arkansas Project

Nov 2, 2012

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Wagner Logistics has established a partnership with Ainsworth Pet Nutrition that calls for Wagner Logistics to manage the entire warehousing process at the Ainsworth pet food manufacturing facility in Dumas, Ark.

“This is a great opportunity for Wagner Logistics to use our technology and warehouse system expertise to help Ainsworth take its business to the next level,” said Brian Smith, Wagner’s chief executive officer. “Structure, scale and innovation are the keys to providing the kind of service Wagner Logistics customers expect.”

Ainsworth employees who currently work in the warehouse facility will be able to retain their jobs and become Wagner employees. They will need to meet Wagner’s hiring qualifications which include passing a physical, drug screening and background check. There are currently 32 employees who could make the switch and more Wagner employees may be added at a later date.

“Partnering with Wagner will enable us to focus more of our day-to-day energy on making great pet food products for our customers and consumers,” said Jeff Watters, Ainsworth president. “We really found a great partner who brings us systems and technologyexpertise.”

Wagner will be responsible for all pet food product from the time it is packaged and transported from the plant, to the warehouse until it is loaded onto a truck for customer delivery. Wagner will also be accountable for all inventory at the facility.

Wagner is a family-owned Top 100 third-party logistics provider with seven decades of experience in the supply chain industry. It has approximately 400 employees and is headquartered in Kansas City, Mo. The new partnership takes effect immediately.