The International Association of Ports and Harbours (IAPH) chose Le Havre for its annual European meeting

The PCS study: global benchmarking
In early 2010, the GPMH and SOGET SA joined a panel of nine experts appointed by the IAPH (see the zoom below) to carry out a comparative study of worldwide scope and scale on "Port Community Systems" (PCS).

Specifically, the experts are studying the practices of the various ports in port data processing in general, and how computer platforms or systems dedicated to handling port calls and cargo are shared or interfaced in particular.

Le Havre has a world-class expertise in port data-processing
As a member of the IAPH, the Grand Port Maritime du Havre is recognised worldwide for the quality of its practices in terms of port data-processing. For example, in conjunction with the French Customs Authorities and SOGET SA, a software house based in Le Havre, the port of Le Havre has developed solutions, including CCS AP+, enabling paperless port reporting procedures, interfacing with the Customs Authorities and the systems of all the private companies in the port community (see the illustration opposite). On 20 January 2011, the GPMH and SOGET SA launched E@SYPORT , a port computer software sequence they have jointly developed.

In Le Havre, 98% of the customs clearances are made without any physical inspection of the cargo, the goods being cleared in less than 8 minutes. And on top of that, the Port Authority of Le Havre is the first in Europe to be awarded ISO 28000 certification for security management.

Progress report on Port Community Systems (PCS) worldwide on 3 and 4 February in Le Havre...
During the business meeting organised at the Espace André Graillot in Le Havre, the experts appointed by the IAPH gave a progress report on their study for the ports and IAPH members attending the meeting.

… before the final report is handed in at the World Port Conference in Busan from 23 to 27 May 2011
In May 2011, the experts appointed by the IAPH will hand in their conclusions on the benchmarking report during the World Conference of IAPH member ports.

Zoom on the IAPH
IAPH = International Association of Ports and Harbours created in 1955/Members: 233 ports in 51 countries/Purpose: Monitoring the development of international port and shipping regulations/Work: Development of technical solutions resulting in the standards established by the United Nations via the IMO (International Maritime Organisation).

Key fact about the IAPH
IAPH member ports handle 60% of seaborne trade worldwide.

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