Somalia coastline near Mogadishu.
30 Jan 2014
CMA CGM has announced the launch of a new direct service from the Middle East to Somalia.
Piracy map
15 Jan 2014
Global piracy fell to a six-year low in 2013 as international navies and private security guards significantly reduced attacks by Somali pirates, the International Maritime Bureau reported.
Somalia’s President Mohamud (L) and Bob Tarrant, EU Naval Force operation commander (R).
10 Sep 2013
Members from Somalia’s government and the European Union have again met to discuss how to strengthen maritime security and economic development in Somalia.
18 Jul 2013
Rising political instability in Somalia and increasing global demands on national navies will continue to be major factors contributing to ongoing piracy activity in the Gulf of Aden in the medium-to-longer term...
15 Jul 2013
Somali pirate attacks have fallen to the lowest level since 2006, but ships face a surge in violent incidents off the coast of West Africa, the International Maritime Bureau said.
27 Jun 2013
Members from Somalia’s government and representatives from the European Union have met on board the EU Naval Force Portugal-flag ship NRP Alvares Cabral to discuss how to strengthen maritime security...
22 May 2013
WASHINGTON, D.C. — Somali piracy is declining as more commercial vessels employ armed guards, foreign navies ramp-up security and courts dish out justice to offenders, but “progress is still fragile and reversible,” a State Department official warned yesterday.