19 Feb 2015
With West Coast ports reporting plunges in container volumes in January, port executives are becoming increasingly vocal in demanding that the International Longshore and Warehouse Union and the Pacific Maritime Association end the impasse in negotiations that is ravaging their ports.
18 Feb 2015
The number of loads available for spot dry van tractor-trailers have plummeted at West Coast ports since November, depressing outbound spot truckload rates, DAT Solutions said. A strong rebound is likely when the port labor dispute is resolved and containers start moving.
18 Feb 2015
The Port of Portland and its container terminal operator, ICTSI, have a strategy to attract another carrier or carriers when Hanjin Shipping Co. next month leaves the Pacific Northwest port.
12 Feb 2015
What is the true impact of the West Coast labor showdown on U.S. agricultural exports? There is controversy over the data.
11 Feb 2015
The operator of the Port of Portland terminal that Hanjin Shipping is vacating after repeated labor disruptions said it will seek new business for the terminal but that the International Longshore and Warehouse Union must do its part.
11 Feb 2015
The Pacific Maritime Association said its members will suspend U.S. West Coast vessel operations on four of the next five days rather than provide longshoremen with holiday or weekend pay for “severely diminished productivity.”
Terminal 6, Port of Portland, Oregon
11 Feb 2015
Hanjin Shipping so dominated the container business at the U.S. West Coast Port of Portland that the carrier’s decision to sever direct calls early next month will have a deep impact on a community it has worked with for more than 20 years.
Port of Portland, Oregon
10 Feb 2015
Hanjin Shipping Co. said Wednesday in Asia that it was withdrawing direct service to the Port of Portland, Oregon, after a 2 1/2-year-old dispute with longshoremen that severely undermined productivity.
09 Feb 2015
Longshoremen in Portland refused to work on Monday, making it four days in a row that a Hanjin Shipping Co. vessel has been sitting idle at the Pacific Northwest port’s only container terminal.
warehouse, distribution center
06 Feb 2015
U.S. retailers’ frustration with West Coast port congestion hit a boiling point on Friday after terminal operators announced they would suspend vessel work over for the weekend, in order to clear mounting backlogs of cargo.