New Zealand

The acquisition of APC Logistics means C.H. Robinson will be moving more freight though ports in Oceania, such as Napier, New Zealand, pictured.
28 Sep 2016
E-commerce and the need for density in trade lanes is pushing expansion of the global network of C.H. Robinson Worldwide, the largest US logistics operator.
19 Aug 2015
By announcing a new inland port, the Ports of Auckland fired another shot in its war with the Port of Tauranga to be New Zealand’s primary container gateway. Shippers stands to gain lower costs and better connectivity no matter the victor.
08 Aug 2015
Tauranga is more than half-finished with a $238 million project that will allow it to handle container ships with capacities of up 6,000 20-foot equivalent units.
08 Jul 2015
Tauranga, New Zealand’s largest container gateway, has awarded a contract for dredging to Rohde Nielsen as the port seeks to deal with the cascading of larger ships on to smaller trades and maintain its position as the preeminent container port in the country.
01 Jun 2015
Port Otago in the southern New Zealand town of Dunedin is to spend $30 million deepening its shipping channel and berths to accommodate container carriers of up to 8,000 TEUs.
23 Feb 2015
New Zealand’s Port of Tauranga and logistics management company Kotahi will form a new joint venture to support robust export cargo volume commitments made last year and to strengthen the country’s supply chain.
06 Jan 2015
Irish steak is back on the U.S. menu as the U.S. begins to lift a 15-year ban on beef imports from the European Union. U.S. containerized beef imports are rising quickly, surpassing 40 percent in most of 2014.
12 Dec 2014
Carriers announced GRIs this week for several major trade lanes, all effective on Jan. 15. Spot rates on Drewry Maritime Research’s World Container Index composite index, which measures 11 East-to-West trade lanes, has dropped 23.5 percent in the five weeks since Nov. 6.