15 Sep 2016
The intensity of industrial real estate activity around the Georgia port underscores the strong demand nationally for logistics properties as well as shipper implementation of long-term plans to use Southeast versus West Coast ports to access inland markets.
container ship at Garden City Terminal, Port of Savanah, with reefers onboard
21 May 2015
The Port of Savannah is ramping up its refrigerated cargo capacity after substantial year-over-year growth in reefer cargo at the Georgia port.
18 May 2015
The Port of Savannah posted record container volumes in April, a potential sign that shippers who were once looking for a temporary haven from U.S. West Coast port disruption may have found a more permanent home on the East Coast.
01 May 2015
Despite sluggish volumes, higher pricing helped boost first-quarter earnings to record levels, freight carrier Saia reported this week.
06 Apr 2015
Quick180, which uses algorithms and a web application to match an importer’s empty container with an exporter needing a box at an inland location, is expanding its service to the Port of Savannah.
Port of Savannah
23 Mar 2015
The Port of Savannah’s volume of loaded containers in February jumped 8.6 percent from a year earlier as the Georgia Ports Authority posted across-the-board cargo increases.
25 Feb 2015
The port of Savannah will add 10 electric-powered rubber-tired gantry cranes this summer, increasing the number of RTGs in the port’s container yard operations to 146. The RTGs continue a pattern of heavy investment that is credited with helping the port sidestep congestion that has plagued other ports.
03 Feb 2015
A home furnishing company’s decision to build a 1.1 million-square- foot e-commerce warehouse near the port of Savannah, announced on Tuesday, shows both the scarcity of available distribution center space in the area and the need for access to dependable ports as congestion rages on along the U.S. West Coast.
03 Feb 2015
A long-discussed but still unrealized marine terminal on the Georgia-South Carolina border has made some marked headway after an engineering study found there is room on the Savannah River for a second terminal downstream from the busy Port of Savannah.
02 Feb 2015
A former Dollar General and Reebok CEO who is the new U.S. senator from Georgia drew a sharp distinction on Sunday between longshore labor relations on the West and East Coast, saying labor and management on the East Coast “have a great history of working together.”
27 Jan 2015
Labor disputes on the West Coast and a recovering national economy sent record-breaking cargo volumes to Georgia ports in 2014.