03 Feb 2016
Although overall export revenues for Brazilian shoes fell 10 percent last year, to $960.4 million, sales during the last month of December ended on a high and rocketed 60 percent from November, to $119.57 million, raising the sector’s expectations for this year, according to Heitor Klein, the chief executive of Abicalçados, the Brazilian Association of Footwear Manufacturers.
25 Jul 2015
Log-In Logistica Intermodal will spend $5.2 million to upgrade and expand the fleet of containers used in South America's coastal trade and to carry goods to Manaus on the Amazon River.
22 Jul 2015
Despite the naming of EEL Infraestruturas Ltd.’s lowest bid of $110 million as a winner for a new dredging tender for the Port of Santos, shippers using Brazil’s leading gateway have started to get nervous about if and when work needed to handle larger vessels will be completed.
16 Jul 2015
The Brazilian port of São Sebastião is poised to receive 1 billion reais ($318.5 million) of investment which will involve new terminal concessions for containers and general cargo, putting its well established rival, the Port of Santos, on edge.
15 Jul 2015
The APM Terminal at the Port of Itajai, already hobbled from the loss of an East Asia service that provided a good chunk of its volume and revenue, has been dealt another blow by a line owned by its parent company.
APM Terminals Itajai, Brazil
10 Jul 2015
APM Terminals Itajai’s loss of three services, especially the ASAX/SEAS joint service to Asia threatens not only the terminal itself, which has begun layoffs, but also the very existence of the port.
07 Jul 2015
Brazilian fresh beef exporters will begin shipping to the United States for the first time in 15 years in September, paving the way for forecasted volume of up to 9,000 twenty-foot-equivalent units annually.
Manaus on the map
03 Jul 2015
Chibatao and Super Terminais, the two container terminals serving Manaus, are both getting their operational acts together before more competition heats up in the region, investing a combined $115.5 million in new equipment and terminal improvements this year.
02 Jul 2015
Speculation is rising that the three largest global container lines are considering buying the last surviving Brazilian-owned container shipping company, Log-In Logistica Ltda.
Alianca ship at port of Manaus, Brazil
02 Jul 2015
One of the most isolated and intriguing cities in the world, Manaus, Brazil, also presents some of the most difficult container shipping challenges to be found anywhere.
30 Jun 2015
The christening last week of the Vicente Pinzon marks the completion of Alianca Navegacao’s reais 700 million ($224.5 million) cabotage and coastal fleet upgrade aimed at securing its dominance in the Brazilian cabotage market