Following Ray LaHood

Anyone who follows Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood must agree he has no peer in the Cabinet or anywhere in government when it comes to supporting the infrastructure of social media.

With more than 21,000 followers on Twitter and countless friends on Facebook, Ray LaHood is the Ashton Kutcher of the Cabinet when it comes to communicating with his fans.

So I was a little surprised that one critic of the Mexican cross-border trucking program complained about LaHood “sneaking down there” to sign the new agreement. That is not the way this public official operates.

After all, this is a guy who blogs almost daily, a senior government official who takes questions online from the public online in his ‘On the Go’ series. He promoted biking to work last month not only by biking to work, but also by sitting down for an interview in bike helmet and shorts that was posted on the Internet and by then tweeting about that video.

Look, Ray LaHood tweets and blogs about a lot of important topics. His comments on distracted driving are admirable and he deserves strong praise for that. And LaHood did seem to be in Mexico City on July 6 for a signing ceremony for the new agreement with Mexico — that's what the news reports say.

But if you were following Ray LaHood that day, you ended up marking the 75th anniversary of the Federal Aviation Administration. And as far as social media is concerned, that trip to Mexico never happened.


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