Editorial Calendar

Since 1827, The JOC has been the leading information and marketing services provider for the domestic and international containerized cargo community. The JOC delivers high-quality intelligence and expertise to help customers make better business decisions — in print, online and at leading industry events. It also provides best-in-breed marketing channels to help companies reach their target audience.

The JOC also publishes more than 80 special reports, supplements and advertising sections in The Journal of Commerce magazine — many with bonus content online — produces approximately 15 webcasts a year, and distributes its products at numerous industry-leading conferences and events. The following list is the 2016 schedule for special reports and advertising sections in the magazine, bonus distribution and webcasts. 

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2016 Editorial Calendar

Issue FeaturesBonus Distribution
January 11Annual Review & OutlookSMC3 Jumpstart 
January 25Asia Trade OutlookGeorgia Foreign Trade Conference
 Breakbulk Market Report 
 Quarterly Shipper Outlook 
 Georgia Ports Authority (Special Advertising Section)  
February 8JOC Guide to 3PLs 
 Intermodal Market Report 
 East Coast Ports


 Port Improvement (Special Advertising Section) 
February 22Gulf Trade: 2016 Outlook 
 2016 Trucking Forecast 
March 7Trans-Pacific MaritimeTPM 2016
 Cool Cargoes  
 3PL Report: Innovations in Technology 
 2015 Ad Impact Study 
March 21Top 25 Truckload and LTL CarriersNASSTRAC
 South America Trade and Logistics 
 Trans-Atlantic Maritime 
 Freight Payment 
 Canada Trade 2016 Outlook (Special Advertising Section) 
April 42nd Quarter Economic Outlook 
 West Coast Ports 
 Breakbulk Market Report 
 JOC Guide to Warehousing/Industrial Real Estate 
April 18Top 40 Global Logistics Companies 
 Top 50 Trucking Companies 
 Container Shipping Quarterly 
 Port of Philadelphia (Special Advertising Section) 
May 23PL Report: Negotiating Contracts 
 Roll-On, Roll-Off Shipping 
 Jacksonville Trade (Special Advertising Section) 
May 16Top 25 North American Ports 
 Mexico Trade and Logistics 
May 30Top 100 Importers and Exporters SMC3, AgTC, AAEI, TMSA
 Port Improvement (Special Advertising Section),
with Fairplay (polybagged)
June 13Gulf Trade: Top Carriers and Ports3PL Summit, JOC Gulf Shipping Conference
 Port Productivity: 2015 Rankings and Best Practices 
 3PL Report: Transportation Planning and Optimization 
 Florida Trade (Special Advertising Section) 
June 27Quarterly Shipper Outlook 
 Asia Trade: Midyear Review and Outlook 
 Freight Payment (Special Advertising Section) 
 Directory of Transportation Vol. 1 
July 11Third-Quarter Economic Outlook 
 Top Trans-Pacific Carriers and Ports 
 Latin America Trade and Logistics 
 Cool Cargoes 
July 25Container Shipping: Peak Season Forecast 
 Trucking Market Report 
 3PL Report: Managing E-Commerce 
 Breakbulk Market Report  
August 8Pacific Northwest Gateway 
 Top Trans-Atlantic Carriers and Ports 
 Port of Baltimore (Special Advertising Section) 
August 22JOC Top 50 Global Container Ports 
 JOC Guide to Trucking 
 3PL Report: Managing Exports 
 Canada Trade 
  Technology (Special Advertising Section) 
September 5Roll-On, Roll-Off Shipping: North America OutlookNAFTZ
 European Trade and LogisticsSouth Carolina International Trade Conference
 Foreign Trade Zones (Special Advertising Section)JOC Container Trade Europe Conference
 European Ports (Special Advertising Section) 
September 19Global Logistics FocusCSCMP 
 Container Shipping IANA
 Intermodal Market Report 
 Texas Ports & Logistics Directory 
October 3Cool CargoesPMA
 Asia MaritimeTPM Asia
 California Gateway (Special Advertising Section) 
 Houston Trade Trade (Special Advertising Section) 
October 17Inland Distribution JOC Inland Distribution Conference
 Fourth-Quarter Economic Outlook 
 Ports of the Americas 
 Memphis Trade (Special Advertising Section) 
October 31Port Productivity: First-Half 2016 Rankings 
 Breakbulk Market Report 
 Quarterly Shipper Report 
  Top 50 Global Transportation Providers NITL
November 14Asia-Europe Carriers and Ports 
 Freight Payment 
 Intermodal Market Report 
  Northeast Logistics (Special Advertising Section) 
November 28Container Shipping Quarterly 
 U.S. Gulf Report 
 3PL Report: Navigating Customs Regulations 

Directory of Transportation, Vol. 2

  Connie Awards (Special Advertising Section) 
December 12Container Shipping: Global Maritime Forecast 
 2017 Trucking Outlook 
 Caribbean and Central America Logistics