Economy Watch

The Top 5 Importers in 2016 combined to handled 2.2 million TEU while the Top 5 Exporters shipped 921,600 TEU.

Nine port pairs on services between Southeast Asia and the West Coast are experiencing faster transit times than before the new and enhanced alliances launched April 1.

Julian Thomas, CEO of Hamburg Sud in the East Coast of South America, said the first-quarter figures are “impressive indeed.”

The seven zones have a total combined size double that of China’s four existing FTZs.

Indices measuring the health of Japan’s import and export container trade improved in the first quarter.

HSH Nordbank booked a loss provision of 2 billion euros for loans to its struggling shipping clients.

The fourth-quarter performance might be a blip, but there are plenty of indicators it isn't.

China’s container ports got off to a strong start in 2017.

Traffic began to take off in the second half of the year.

A gradual return to more open domestic and international trade policies provided a small spark to the Brazilian economy in late 2016 and boosts carrier optimism.