Economy Watch

HSH Nordbank booked a loss provision of 2 billion euros for loans to its struggling shipping clients.

The fourth-quarter performance might be a blip, but there are plenty of indicators it isn't.

China’s container ports got off to a strong start in 2017.

Traffic began to take off in the second half of the year.

A gradual return to more open domestic and international trade policies provided a small spark to the Brazilian economy in late 2016 and boosts carrier optimism.

Strong consumer demand driving double-digit growth in imports.

US spot truckload rates jump as volumes rise 17 percent in the first week of March.

After a "tougher" than expected start to the year, Swift Transportation expects more from March.

IHS Markit Chief Economist Nariman Behravesh discusses the US and global economic outlook with a particular focus on the impact on container trade.

Pressure on truckload rates abates, at least temporarily, as demand remains moderate.