Historic International Performing Arts Publisher Musical America Joins Social Networking Sites Myspace And Facebook

East Windsor, NJ (March 23, 2009) - Musical America Worldwide is making its first venture into social networking today with the debut of its MySpace page and the launch of its Facebook group page. Easy access to the MySpace and Facebook sites is available at www.musicalamerica.com/myspace and www.musicalamerica.com/facebook respectively. MySpace and Facebook membership accounts, which are free and easy to create, are required to participate or post information.

Musical America is the industry-standard international performing arts resource containing feature stories, news, and the names, addresses, phone numbers, websites and emails for more than 10,000 performers and 14,000 organizations in 95 countries. This year, Musical America is marking three major milestone anniversaries: 110 years in print, 10 years online and 5 years of its weekly e-newsletter.

The Musical America MySpace page features recent and archival photos and videos, a playlist of music recorded by previous and new "Artist of the Year" honorees, and the comments of participants that make MySpace unique.

The site's stage-like design opens to images that juxtapose Musical America's past and present, blending performers from a bygone era with youthful ones from today.

The Musical America Facebook group page includes a wall for user comments and photos, and a section for posting links. Similar to MySpace, the Facebook group provides a sense of community where "fans" can interact and network with each other.

Project manager Nicole Pace said, "Research indicates that MySpace and Facebook have desirable demographics for Musical America. We look forward to reaching out to a younger audience, as well as across all generations, with our stories and resources, and interacting with performing artists, industry professionals, and music lovers around the globe."

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