Dayton Freight Drivers To Receive Amber Alerts

Dayton Freight Drivers To Receive Amber Alerts

DAYTON, OHIO … Dayton Freight Lines, Inc. has joined the AMBER Alert Highway Network (AAHN), an initiative of Qualcomm and the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. Using location-based mobile technology, AAHN will disseminate AMBER Alerts to all Dayton Freight trucks within a specified geographical area.

With a fleet of over 1,100 trucks traveling throughout 11 Midwest states, Dayton Freight is in a unique position to help protect our local communities, save lives and reunite abducted children with their loved ones.

Dayton Freight Drivers can view AMBER Alerts – using onboard computer technology - at their next stop. If they see the vehicle or child in question, they will pull over and call the number listed in the AMBER Alert.

About 95% of the children for whom an AMBER Alert was activated have been safely recovered. As a family-owned Company, Dayton Freight values the efforts of AAHN and is proud to participate in this important, life-saving program.

Founded in 1981, Dayton Freight Lines is a private, union-free, LTL freight carrier headquartered in Dayton, Ohio. With 42 Service Centers in the Midwest region, Dayton Freight offers shippers 1 or 2 day service to thousands of points throughout an 11 state area. With their Strategic Alliance Network, they serve all of the United States, Mexico, Canada, Puerto Rico and Guam. As reported by the Journal of Commerce, Dayton Freight is the 18th largest LTL carrier in the country.