CSX Transportation Employee Wins Association of American Railroads’ John H. Chafee Award

CSX Transportation Employee Wins Association of American Railroads’ John H. Chafee Award

Jacksonville, Fla. – April 21, 2009 – Mike O’Malley, assistant chief engineer of facilities for CSX Transportation, has been named this year’s winner of the John H. Chafee Environmental Award, which was presented today by the Association of American Railroads (AAR). The sixth CSXT employee to receive the industry’s top environmental award, O’Malley was selected for his leadership on green policies.

“Mike has been instrumental to the success of a number of industry-leading environmental issues," said Ed Hamberger, President and CEO of the Association of American Railroads. “Because of his leadership, we are pleased to recognize him today.”

Highlights of O’Malley’s nomination include energy efficient improvements that have lowered CSXT’s carbon footprint and resulted in over $9.3 million in net energy cost savings over the past 5 years. O’Malley has introduced facility consolidations that limit the number of buildings needed to operate successfully while also improving operation efficiency, incorporated solar-powered water heaters and marine navigational lighting which ensure the safety of operations while eliminating green house gas emissions from traditional power generation operations, and improved recycling practices that recover materials that would have previously been sent to a landfill.

The AAR’s John H. Chafee Environmental Award recognizes an individual railroad employee who has demonstrated outstanding environmental performance in the area of environmental awareness and responsibility.

“We are thrilled that the Association of American Railroads has recognized Mike O’Malley for his contributions to the industry and the environment,” said Carl Gerhardstein, director of environmental systems, CSXT. “This award demonstrates both Mike’s initiative and the dedication of CSXT overall to finding and implementing environmentally sound practices across our network.”

Over the past nine years, six CSX employees have been awarded the John H. Chafee Environmental Award for their achievements:
-- Donald L. Robey was recognized for his work designing, piloting and implementing a horsepower reduction program that reduces fuel consumption and locomotive emissions.
-- Russell V. Glidden was honored for his management of a wastewater treatment facility that allowed for a storm water pond to be turned into a wildlife sanctuary.
-- Robert D. Toms was recognized for his dedication to the CSXT Hazmat Sentinel Program and environmental emergency training for local first-response teams.
-- Ted Stewart was acknowledged for his role on the team that designed and implemented the Auxiliary Power Unit, a device that conserves fuel and reduces emissions.
-- Mike Bethge was recognized for his work developing hazardous materials planning and response practices.

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