10 More Reasons to Absolutely Still Keep the Faith in the Railroad Renaissance!

So why should investors (and others) keep the faith?

  1. Because anyone and everyone makes money in a bull market and a bubble economy; it's how they do in a bear market, when the chips are down - and so far so good - that separates the weak from the strong...
  2. Because fuel prices won’t stay low forever (just wait…), and within the broad multimodal traffic declines smart bi-modal carriers are planning a more rail-centric future.
  3. Because the Obama administration will be good for rails (think stimulus, infrastructure and green).
  4. Because public-private partnerships are about to be a big part of the next transportation bill.
  5. Because rail infrastructure is cheap infrastructure (from the point of view of broke governments), and tax-paying rights-of-way will be increasingly seen as better than tax-absorbing highways.
  6. Because the green movement is a positive for low-emission rails even as it challenges high-emission coal.
  7. Because “pure” domestic intermodal growth will be explosive in the next cycle.
  8. Because rails can help stimulate the economy, facilitate trade and lower total logistics costs.
  9. Because the “Renaissance” is extending to passenger rail and that will help all rails.
  10. Because this too shall pass … .

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