Cargo Theft Greater Concern Than Terrorism for Supply Chain Future

Cargo Theft Greater Concern Than Terrorism for Supply Chain Future

June 02, 2011. Austin, TX – FreightWatch International, the leading Global logistics security solutions provider, announces the results of its annual supply chain survey.

Cargo theft was rated the top concern for supply chain risk over the next five years, as stated by supply chain professionals during the 2011 FreightWatch supply chain survey. 81% of all respondents – which comprises all levels of management from manufacturing, third party logistics, transportation providers, insurance companies and others – stated that cargo theft was a major concern for supply chain operations over the next five years, surpassing terrorism, which only 11% of respondents listed as a major concern.

“We were extremely pleased with the rate of responses in this year’s supply chain survey,” said Barry Conlon, CEO of FreightWatch. “The information and data collected are invaluable in fully understanding what keeps supply chain professionals up at night and what is necessary to combat the risks their companies face.”

While the rate of cargo theft has grown every year since FreightWatch began collecting data in 2006, specific industries have seen fluctuations in both rates of theft and average loss values. The ability to gain a further understanding of how industry professionals view cargo theft in relation to other risks is critical in deploying customizable solution and procedures designed to mitigate the risks faced.

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